Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What’s Wrong with Us Lutherans?

“I just don’t understand us Lutherans,” she said to me. “We’re so polite and reserved. I’m 67 years old and full of rhythm and drive. Your music made me want to get up and sing and dance, but we all just sat there!!”

That happened at our concert in Shawano, WI last night and it has been a common theme expressed after each of our concerts. One woman said it succinctly to me, “It was a great concert. I’m just sorry we’re so Lutheran!” No apologies needed because we’re grateful of the chance to share our ministry. Still, we can’t help but wonder what keeps our Lutheran fannies glued to our seats and our arms politely in our laps when the Holy Spirit is trying so hard to inspire us to stand/move/act. You know, this is not really about concert behavior, it’s a metaphor for life!!

Despite the woman’s lament, the concert last night in Shawano was a great experience for us. The crowd was more into it than she perceived. It was our biggest crowd so far and, thanks to Gary’s sister, they already knew our music well. They were already roaring their approval before we finished our closing number (Changed)! What a great concert! What a great crowd! Like Jackson Browne sings, “you can sit there and watch or you can thrill us, too.” Shawano, you weren’t nearly as much the stoic Lutherans as you thought. You thrilled us! O.K., so you didn’t stand up and sing, “Oh, won’t you staaaay, just a little bit longer...” but we can live with that.

Preston had the thrill of the tour when a former drummer of The Grass Roots (big time rock band of the ‘60s and ‘70s) complimented him on his work behind “the kit.” We’ve also been asked to consider playing a feature spot at a Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Festival in Marion, WI next August. We’ve got to think and pray on that one.

In another monumental breakthrough for the band, we’ve got Christie STANDING behind her keyboard now, just like Paul Shaffer on the David Letterman Show! She looks good back there. Next, choreography!! Oh, I’d better be nice to her or she’ll hit me with another water bottle!! You’ll have to ask her about that one!

To our friends and family back home, we’re tired, sore, road-weary, and a bit homesick, but still enjoying ourselves doing the ministry you have sent us to do. The message of Christ’s love for his children is being shared widely in this region through the gift of music the Father has given us. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel these next few days.

Quote of the Day: “Two rights don’t make a wrong... wait a minute... the other way around!” (Kathy, intervening in a sibling dispute between her sons after five hours in the van, which abruptly dissolved the spat into laughter.)

Muffed Lyrics of the Day: “In the depths of the loneliest valley ... I have come to dwell ...” (Me getting my Voice of the Shepherd verses a little shuffled ... the song ISN’T supposed to be so depressing!!)

Suggested New Verse for Gary’s Trust in God: “How can I see my words, when the lights go out on me?” (When all the concert lights went out briefly due to a bumped switch ... Fast thinking sound/light chick, Laura, got them back on quickly so not a beat was missed.)

Medical Status: Lans at 90%, Kathy’s back is no longer spazzing and simply aching now, Penny’s bruises/scrapes/cuts are healing.

That's it for now. Heading to Bethel Lutheran in Madison to unpack and set up.

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Anonymous said...

I had been wondering how long it would be before the aggressive tour schedule would begin to take its toll. Looks like things began to catch up last Saturday or Sunday. Watching our guys set up and break down equipment for our instrumental services (with an intervening a cappella service) makes me appreciate what you must be going through...and we don't have to travel! Anyhow, persevere...remember Who is on your side. Lans, your comment about the stoic Lutherans made me think of Garrison Keillor. I think you will know what I mean.