Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why We're Doing This...

Each concert, we're finding, takes on its own personality. Last night at Bethel Lutheran in Madison, WI was no different. Compared to some of the smaller towns in which we have played so far, playing at Bethel was like playing at Shea Stadium - huge, cavernous, with a spectacular sound. Performance-wise, we matched the site, I think, but it was what happened as a result of the performance that moved us the most and reminded us of why we are doing this. We had many comments such as, "I didn't want it to end," and "Now THIS is what I want our contemporary worship to sound like." We even had a man in the back standing, with arms uplifted during "Here I Stand."

But even those accolades pale in comparison to the young woman who stood there, hand in hand with her husband, telling me that he hadn't had time for church and had never attended a Christian concert before - but he was now interested in seeing more concerts. And the single dad who wants to bring his young kids to our next concert (tonight in Naperville, IL). The Holy Spirit was at work last night and we were but its vessel. Friends, this is why we are doing this.

Quote of the Day: "Happy Birthday, Frank!" (The whole audience at Bethel Lutheran to Frank on his 58th birthday.)

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