Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Finale

Well, friends, we did it! We made it through ten performances in nine days and are still talking to each other. :-) Seriously, we finished our final concert tonight to a crowded sanctuary at Faith Lutheran in Washington, IL. It was another receptive and grateful audience comprised of all generations.

For the band, hitting that final chord of Changed tonight was a bittersweet moment. All the hard work, long hours, long drives, sore muscles, fund raising, rehearsals, songbook writing, packing, unpacking, planning, visiting and, above all, ministry has nearly come to an end. By all accounts, it has been a most successful endeavor, and we're just a bit sad to have it come to an end. We have touched many and they have returned the favor to us. Standing on this side of ministering, it is just amazing how rewarding it is. We can only attribute it to the gift of the Holy Spirit which gives the more it spreads.

O.K. We're tired and satisfied, but the work is not finished. GraceFlock is already discussing the next phases of its ministry...but we'll need some time to recover and regroup. We thank you all for following and supporting us through this blog. We'll have more to share later, but for now, we're headed to bed so we can start the long drive home tomorrow. Peace and blessings to all of you.

Good night.

Quote of the Day: "Go in peace, serve the Lord!" (Lans at the end of the concert tonight, followed by "Thanks be to God!")

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