Thursday, July 2, 2009

Outdoor Concert in IL

We did our first (and only) outdoor concert of the tour last night. Just our luck that it was the coldest July 1st on record for the area. Fortunately, our guitars and violin held their tuning just fine, and with a little extra effort, the flutes held theirs, as well. The cool weather knocked down the attendance a bit, but probably knocked down the mosquitoes, too. The pastor of Word of Life in Naperville, IL (Gary Peterson - what a coincidence!!) was eager to have us play outside because the congregation is trying to have greater visibility in the community. Judging from last night, his goal was met. He said more than half of the audience was comprised of non-members, and we saw several people stop and listen as they were walking or driving by.

In a new twist for us, we had an opening act. The praise band from Word of Life played three songs to open the night. They did a great job, and it was a special treat for us to sit and listen to another act. Word of Life is doing some wonderful things!

Through the tremendous hospitality of Ann and Del Boland, the entire band stayed at their home for the night. They, along with David, are doing just great in Naperville, and we had the chance to catch up with each other during the wonderful breakfast they cooked for us. What a blessed and special family! We sure miss them!

Speaking of missing loved ones, we wanted to let the rest of the GraceFlock family know they have not been forgotten on this tour. In fact, the script for our opening introduction (read by a pastor or congregation member) thanks those of the band who were not able to join us for the tour, and it thanks them for their love and support. The ones who made this tour possible are not necessarily only the ones who went on it. Mark, Sue, Robin, James and Karen, y'all are appreciated more than you know.

Well, friends, just one more night (Washington, IL). We're going to try to reschedule the Newnan, GA concert for July 10, but I have to check with the church first. Pencil in the date and watch for an update. Gotta go eat that last piece of bacon and then hit the road. Keep us in your prayers. The Lord is at work in and through us.

Quote of the Day: "That wasn't just a concert, that was a SHOW!" (Del Boland, to the band after last night's concert.)


Special K said...

Love you guys too! Have a great show tonight and travel safely home.

Anonymous said...

Lans, was the forecast accurate?

Anonymous said...

The outdoor concert was great and the sound was excellent. A little on the cool side but when they brought out the hot chocolate it warmed me up. Del and Ann were such wonderful hosts. I am a little sad that Faith Lutheran will be our last stop. It has been a magnifincent tour one I will never forget. For me it seems the group just gets better with each concert. This trip to Washington our on and off GPS only had us turn around two times. Ruth

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great show. We had a great time planning and "opening" for Grace Flock. My parents attended the show and are not normally shall we say "fans" of this type music, but braved the weather, stayed the entire show, and had nothing but good comments! A true testimonial to your effort.
Sound was well balanced. Loved Frank's guitar work.

Paul (WOL guitarist)