Monday, December 20, 2010

"Life" is Here!!

After ten months of studio work, GraceFlock's third CD is finally available for sale. Check our website for details. The title of the CD was inspired by how many songs related to various stages of life. In fact, the word "life" is sung nine times in the CD. We also flexed some alternative instumentation in this CD. Bassoon, clarinet, steel drums, autoharp, a horn section, church choir and more. We've even thown in a Christmas song for good measure ("Gloria in the Highest"). Enjoy, good fans of GraceFlock and order copies to share with your friends. Remember, this is an outreach and evagelism tool, not just a CD to enjoy yourself!!

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Mark Summers said...

A hearty congrats to all in Graceflock, and my personal thanks to both Lans and Gary. I am proud to be involved and to have contributed to this CD. Just a great collection of music and messages. To date, and in my opinion, the strongest release yet! I really enjoyed listening to the production release, and loved the thoughtful composer notes. It gets better after each play.

Mark S - Dec 22, 2010