Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Tour 2010 Concludes

Sorry I couldn't post while on the road - I was having technical issues. Here's what I can think of tonight after driving 12.5 hours today...

It was short, but it was chock full of memories for the band and (hopefully) for the audiences with whom we celebrated. In Ringtown, PA we were part of the 200th anniversary celebration of St. John's Lutheran. The next day (Sunday June 27), we traveled to Lutherville, MD to celebrate Vicar Paul at St. Paul's Lutheran who was completing his internship to return to seminary. Both concerts were joyful celebrations of the love of Christ.

The Ringtown concert, it must be noted, was also an emotional experience for the congregation, the community, as well as GraceFlock. Just a few days before our arrival, the community learned of the tragic death of 19-year old John Anczarski, a member of the congregation, who was biking across country with three other friends to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research. John was struck by a car in New Mexico and died a couple days later. The community is in deep grief over the loss of this beloved young man and we did our best to honor his memory, life and mission with our concert. For more info about this tragic event, click here.

Lutherville was an interesting experience in that almost no one knew us. At the end of the concert though, we visited and shared stories with many of the audience. One gentleman said he and his family were only going to stay for five minuted but ended up staying for the duration because they loved the music. Another gentleman was visibly moved by the songs (and said so, too) and pledged to come to Peachtree City to worship with us some day. Quite a testimonial from people who didn't know us from Adam!

Kudos and thanks to Kevin Kahley for being our roadie and merch table guy on this trip! More importantly, praise God for keeping us safe on our journeys and allowing us to share His love with others. What a great thing we have going!!

Watch a video of GraceFlock (and a little fan) in action!

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Paul T. Christian said...

Great music and great people praising God and giving thanks for the love and grace we have received from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thanks for helping make my send off more memorable!
It was nice to be around a couple of my Minnesota peeps!
Vicar Paul