Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back in the Studio

Ms. Karla spurred me to get back into the blog. It has been a while. Actually, I've taken a bit of a GraceFlock breather while our congregation went through some tough times. The strain took its toll on my motivation and creative inspiration, but one can't fend off the Holy Spirit forever. :-) As of about two weeks ago, GraceFlock is back in the studio!!

We've got 14 songs planned, but we'll see how many make it to final. Gary and I have laid down the "scratch tracks" (man, am I glad only a few people ever hear those - yeesh!!). Mark Summers has been in the studio and put down some outstanding drum tracks. Some of his fills are Phil Collins-esque!! I've even got Preston playing drums on "Sinking Sand" which he did with us on tour last summer. Had to do that to match Brandon's guest appearance on the first CD (trombone on "Serve On"). Gotta encourage the future, ya know!

Speaking of tour, we're planning on a quick trip to Pennsylvania in late June. I'll keep you all posted as we get closer.

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mark_summers said...

Touche to Lans and Gary on some new and exciting material for GF3. Lans comments on Living Bread below, but I have to say that song is gonna be totally inspirational and full of energy. Cant wait to hear the finished product after Lans does his magic.